Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bond Lists

Another result of last year’s reviewing of all the Bond films is a series of lists—best ofs—beyond merely the films. Here are my own personal top sevens in the following categories:

Theme Songs:

7. For Your Eyes Only
6. Dr. No (The Bond theme, but also the songs, “Three Blind Mice” & “Undernneath the Mango Tree”)
5. Skyfall
4. Goldfinger
3. Casino Royale “You Know My Name”
2. A View to a Kill
1. The Spy Who Loved Me “Nobody Does It Better”


(It turns out, the villains in Bond films can be very dull.)

7. Grant from “From Russia with Love”
6. Blofeld as portrayed in “You Only Live Twice”
5. Largo from “Never Say Never Again”
4. Zorin and May Day from “A View to a Kill”
3. Elliot Carver from “Tomorrow Never Dies”
2. Silva from “Skyfall”
1. Goldfinger and Odd Job from “Goldfinger”

Bond Girls:

7. Melina Havelock “For Your Eyes Only”
6. Kara Milovy “The Living Daylights”
5. Natalya Simonova “Goldeneye”
4. Teresa di Vicenzo “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
3. Vesper Lynd “Casino Royale”
2. Moneypenny (Nearly all films, best in “Skyfall”)
1. M as played by Judi Dench from “Goldeneye” through “Skyfall”


7. Pens with various functions (several films)
6. Homing Devices (several films)
5. Remote Control BMW 750il “Tomorrow Never Dies”
4. Little Nellie “You Only Live Twice”
3. Lotus Esprit “The Spy Who Loved Me”
2. Walther PPK 7.65mm “Dr. No”
1. Aston Martin DB5 “Goldfinger”

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