Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Timothy Outline

This is a "post in progress." As I work through 1 and 2 Timothy it will change and grow:

1. I Timothy 1:1,2 Greeting

I. Discussion of the charge to Timothy post

2. I Timothy 1:3-7 The Charge: Stand Against False Teachers

3. I Timothy 1:8-11 The Proper Perspective on the Law

4. I Timothy 1:12-17 Paul’s Example: Christ Came to Give Mercy post

5. I Timothy 1:18-20 The Charge Restated: Stand Against False Teachers

II. True Gospel Centered Life and Ministry

6. I Timothy 2:1-7 Roles of Preacher and Apostle post1 post2

7. I Timothy 2:8-15 Role of Women post

8. I Timothy 3:1-7 Qualifications of Elders

9. I Timothy 3:8-13 Qualifications of Deacons post

10. I Timothy 3:14-16 Mystery of Godliness post

III. How to Identify False Teaching

11. I Timothy 4:1-5 post

IV. Be Shaped By the Gospel

12. I Timothy 4:6-10 Timothy post

13. I Timothy 4:11-16 Timothy post

14. I Timothy 5:1-2 Other Groups post

15. I Timothy 5:3-8 Widows

16. I Timothy 5:9-16 Widows  post

17. I Timothy 5:17-25 Elders post

18. I Timothy 6:1,2a Masters post

V. Confronting False Teachers

19. I Timothy 6:2b-10 post

20. I Timothy 6:11-16 post

21. I Timothy 6:17-19 post

22. I Timothy 6:20,21 post

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