Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Cry_Wolf" (2005)

Imagine a story about a bunch of prep-school kids who play a game of deception. They use a real local murder to create an imaginary serial killer and get the whole school to believe their story is real; that they are all in danger. Then imagine that the story appears to be true and someone is hunting them down in the form of the killer they created. Did their story impact reality? Did someone manipulate the group even better than they manipulated the school? When does a story cease to be make-believe?

All of that sound really compelling. It is the sort of film that this blog was created to consider. Unfortunately, concept and realization are seldom in step with each other. This film ended up being a lot less about what its potential promised and more of an attempt at creating just another average teen horror film with a clever twist ending that was less clever and more cheat.

In truth this film is not terrible, it is just a case of missed opportunity, and that lessens its enjoyment for people looking to horror for more than thrills. If you go in with no demands you might enjoy this as a fairly tame mystery/suspense story.

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