Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Escribo por Ejemplo" a Translation

For all my friends in Chile, I wish you a happy and wonderful Dieciocho! And for all of the rest of you included, here is a loose translation of one of my favorite, hopeful songs by Illapu. Enjoy:


If I am just to write
I think of every verse
As one more friend in the battle.
And I like to write about the times
About the need for Words
I write as an example. (and I write for example:)

My people, those who are a part of me
On the ways, in the paths, and in the very bread
My people, distribute the fishes
To the tables where they need to be
My people, receive my verses
In your arms where they are birthed
My people, your reason is life
That is starting to move again!

I seek out the ways into the country
And the necessary hollow for the construction
The embankment where the ancient harvest was
A small ray of the moon
The clarity of the sunshine on the absence

No matter if you shed a tear
No matter if she rhymes with life
No matter if your verse is painful
If we are about to be back at the start
Come let us invent new paths
Hope is the vital Song
We need to open all the doors to the sun
And set tomorrow on its way
Come let’s go.

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