Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where Do You Resonate?

There is a beloved hymn that speaks of the human heart being tuned to sing God’s praises. We are all created as instruments of praise, it is just a question of what or whom we play for—whether we are tuned to the key for which we were created or not. That being said, there is not a single melody, style or type of instrument in the celestial orchestra that is the people of God.

Some instruments produce sound with wind some by the vibration of strings. Some have large resonating chambers like a cello, some small resonating tubes like a piccolo. It is the diversity of voices that in part makes orchestral music interesting. It is the tuning and accuracy of play that makes it beautiful.

I am increasingly convinced that while my heart is being tuned to the music of heaven, I have been created to resonate with certain aspects of creation. For instance, I like cool, rainy climates and I tend to pine away in hot dry areas as beautiful as they may be in their own way. I prefer the shadowy, creepy edges of mountains and forests to the vast, exposed terror of beaches and seas. A cloudy sky makes the world fuller of color to my eyes while a sunny day washes and bleaches everything into an uninteresting haze.

For people who have lived the whole of their lives in one general place, I suppose that their environment has shaped them to resonate there. It is curious for someone who has lived in several countries—even continents—to see how elements from every new place have contributed to shape me in a way that resonates ever better with where I am supposed to be.

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