Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faithful Till the End

To Cheryl

When I get to Heaven
There are people I want to meet.
I want to see Jim Elliot,
Abraham, and Joshua Dietz.
But when I get to Heaven
I have one wish and request.
I want my house right next to yours
And to keep us as best friends.
You, and Jesus, and me.
We’ll get up every morning
And meet down by the beach.
We’ll play all morning in the crystal sea,
And have a fireside, fish-fry feast.
We’ll climb every mountain
And thank God for His love.
And together we’ll see all the beauty of Heaven
From our viewpoint up above.
You, and Jesus, and me.
But until that day arrives
I will promise you.
I’m going to stay right by your side
And be a friend that’s true.
You and I and Jesus,
We will stay best friends.
He will be our source of love
That’s faithful till the end.
You and Jesus and me.

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