Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The End of the Tellings...

Then there is the “theatrical” telling. The events of “Operation Auca” were begging for this. They are one of the most inspirational stories in modern Christianity and that is what the “Hollywood” side of culture is always looking for: great stories to tell.

Does the recreation of these events cheapen them? Isn’t it somehow less that they have been turned into a dramatic presentation? Aren’t the events and the cold, hard, facts enough without the obvious emotional ploys? When we hear Steve Saint’s childish voice over the radio as his dad and the other missionaries are being speared, doesn’t the calculation take us out of the story for a moment?

Maybe, but this is still a story that inspires and more people need to receive its inspiration. Any form that can communicate these events to a wider audience is in some way a good thing. And this version has something that none of the other do:

We get to hear the story from the killer’s point of view. For the first time we are let in on facts that were only known by the men who did the killing before the love of Christ changed their world. And what they say happened is truly amazing. We often hear of God moving in a special way when the Gospel is first introduced to a culture. Often those cultures understand the world in a different way—they are more open to spiritual dimensions and realities. Apparently, that is exactly what happened during this already momentous point in history.

If you haven’t yet read the classic account, “Through Gates of Splendor,” do so. If you haven’t seen the documentary “Beyond the Gates…” watch it next. And if you haven’t seen this film, check it out after the other two accounts. Set aside any cynicism about the film industry. Set aside your understandable skepticism of mystical events stemming from inexperience, and give the firsthand accounts the respect they deserve. Be amazed.

Then, top it all off with some good introspection. Does your way of life and what you devote yourself to reflect the scope of your belief?

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