Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tip To Travelers

Falling in love
Is easy to do.
Getting out, though
Is quite simple, too.
Sometimes, you climb
Other times, you're thrown
But, eventually,
You’re back all alone.
So, on this trip,
Down this road called life,
Avoid the potholes
And save yourself strife.


  1. Very good!

    May I, please?

    your thrown? you're?

    Some commas, please...
    simple, too.
    Sometimes, you climb.
    Other times, you're thrown.
    But, eventually,

    So, on this trip,
    called life,

    I'm so happy that you continue to write poetry.

    I almost never do.

    1. Thanks for the edits, I need them. I started removing a lot of punctuation from my old poems after an old edit of yours. I have a hard time with it, especially in poetry. (A lot of these are not new, they just make for good fillers when I don't have as much time to post. I am trying to write more current stuff too. I put the dates on the poetry page.)


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