Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Illusion" by Frank Peretti

Imagine a story where magic is really possible. Not just possible because it takes place in another reality—it really is possible in this world. This is the essence of any story of magic realism, but somehow this feels more plausible. Maybe this is a science fiction story. Well, as you read “Illusion” that will be part of the mystery—what exactly is going on here? That is not all the mystery, however, because the story itself has some of the traditional elements of a mystery. Top it all off with great conflict, a strong desire to see two people connect, and important spiritual ideas being explored, and you have a good read on your hands…

Peretti is a gifted story-teller. He knows his craft. He engages the mind of the reader. He keeps us guessing. And, he has something to say about life in every story he tells. In some ways, he reminds one of Charles Williams with the depth of his ideas, but he tells a much better story—he keeps track of the plot and doesn’t drop the ball.

Here, the themes he chooses to explore are—according to Peretti himself: issues of meaning in a sinful world; the dangers that that world presents to us as we live in it; God’s gentle pull; and the fulfillment we find in Christ the Bridegroom. Those issues are indeed all explored in compelling ways that stay with you after you’re done. That is, after all, what any good book aspires to…

…and “Illusion” is a good book.

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