Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yard Lessons 2

When we moved from Germany to Austria, we decided to get rid of our old, small grill. (The fact that it finally, fell off its own legs had something to do with that decision.) However, having a yard and loving to grill, we decided we needed to buy another one. It was the perfect time too. Being mid-summer and the weather already turning a little cool, the stores were knocking down the prices on all their grills. So we chose the biggest one we could get for the least amount of money and we were set to go…

…Aside from the fact that we still had to build the thing. This grill came as disassembled as it could. There were not any two pieces already attached. To make matters worse, there were no instructions. Well, unless you count a drawing of the grill in a state of explosion, with every piece drawn just sort of separated from the other pieces it should be attached to. And there was no indication of how many pieces there were, or which of the various screws should be used to attach the various pieces together.

It was doable. I was particularly proud of the fact that I never once had to take any pieces apart, and I got it assembled on the first try. It just took patience, study, planning and care.

Contrary to what a lot of believers think, that is a lot like what the Christian life is like. The Bible, by design, is an instruction book that often does not give a step by step outline to every aspect of life. There is a right way to live, and God does reveal that to us, but it takes a bit of study and care, and some trial and error at times to go through life the way God wants. Instead of waiting paralyzed for the next explicit instruction regarding which foot to put forward, many Christians need to step out in faith and live for God unafraid of making a mistake here or there.

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