Monday, August 1, 2011

Colossians: Outline

Here is the working outline that will be used here for the meditations and posts on the Epistle to the Colossians:

The Person of Christ and the Believer’s Walk in Christ

Introduction (1:1,2) post

1. Opening Greetings (1:1, 2)

I. Thanksgiving, Prayer and Hymn: Teaching about Christ (1:3-23)

2. Thanksgiving for the Colossian Saints; for their Faith, Love and Hope. (1:3-8) post

3. Prayer for their knowledge of God’s will, and a walk worthy of the Person of Christ the Lord. (1:9-23) post post

II. Paul’s Apostolic Ministry (1:24-2:7) post

4. Paul’s suffering is in service of the Body of Christ everywhere. (1:24-2:5)

5. So they are to walk in Christ. (2:6,7)

III. False Teaching and Its Antidote (2:8-3:4)

6. Live according to Christ, not philosophy, empty deception and traditions of men. (2:8-15)

7. Religious practice and symbolism does not compare to the reality and substance of Christ. (2:16-19) post

8. Having died to the sinful world, why follow legalistic attempts to control sin? (2:20-23) post illustration

9. Having been raised with Christ, set your mind on heavenly things. (3:1-4)

IV. The Christian Life (3:5-4:6)

10. Put off the old, worldly way of life. (3:5-11) post

11. Put on the things of Christ: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, love, peace, and the word of Christ. (3:12-17) post

12. Practice the “Household Rules” of love and submission in Christ-like relationships. (3:18-4:1) post

13. “Devote yourselves to prayer” and live wisely in the world. (4:2-6) post

V. Personal Notes (4:7-17) post

14. Personal affairs and arrangements. (4:7-9)

15. Greetings from fellow servants. (4:10-17)

Conclusion (4:18)

16. Final Greeting and Benediction. (4:18)

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