Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Top Films: Toy Story 3

Pixar has done it again. Despite the fact that it is a “sequel” Toy Story 3 may end up being the best film of the year. With Pixar, story reigns supreme and this time around we are treated to a fresh, emotional plot with the characters we have come to love. They don’t produce children’s movies… this is universal fare. There are moments of incredible scares, exhilarating action, and heart wrenching feeling here. If you plan on seeing this film, take some tissues with you. You will need them.

If you have seen the trailer you know the plot. The years have gone by and Andy has grown up. He is headed off to college and his toys end up at a daycare. The fact that they are there is a huge misunderstanding, and the adventure will be getting the toys back to Andy. This plot is entertaining, but it is never the reason we are invested in this movie. There are deeper issues at play.

The toys, as usual, stand in for many of the issues we face in life. What is our purpose? How will we cope with the changes life throws our way? Do we stick to our commitments even when it is hard or unfulfilling? One of the very real questions the toys face in this story is: how will we handle the fact that our time has run its course and it is time for us to face the end? When that moment comes, it is handled incredibly well, and is one of the most moving moments ever seen in cinema—all without a line of dialogue.

If that isn’t hard enough—and you still have tissues left—then we have to deal with the emotion that Andy’s mom and Andy face when the time comes for him to move on. For the parents in the theater especially, this is a moment that sticks with us long after the credits roll.

Thanks again, Pixar.

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  1. Great movie, and I agree with all your points!

    Silly side note: I loved when the little aliens finally got to operate The Claaaaaaaw. :)


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