Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anticipated Films: July through September

Of the 21 Films I have already anticipated this year, the buzz for most ended up being a disappointment. The two that I have actually managed to see weren’t bad, but I also wouldn’t expect them to make it on my top ten list for the year. That all just goes to show how hard it is for a “genre” film to actually be great. However, when they are great they can be really great. So now that we have come to the quarter of the year where—traditionally—junk is released, there is little to be excited about on the horizon. Here are six films that look like they may have potential.

Predators: This movie will probably not work, the series has long since played itself out. However, Rodriguez and the cast give some degree of hope that it could be good.

Inception: I have no idea what this is supposed to be about, but we have come to trust Nolan’s story-telling skills. Here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint.

Salt: This will probably be a typically terrible summer block-buster, but one always hopes for another great spy film.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Edgar Wright’s last two films were really great stuff, and this story looks like more crazy fun.

Nanny McFee and the Big Bang: I wasn’t able to catch this one earlier in the year when it was released in Europe, and I will miss it later when it comes out (dumbed down to “Nanny McFee Returns”) in the States. The first one was good enough that my family will be watching this one as soon as we can.

The American: This looks like a loose remake of “To Catch a Thief.” There is no way it will be anywhere near as good as Hitchcock’s original, but Clooney is the obvious choice if you are going to retell a Cary Grant story.

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