Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year 2009

The NonModern experiment had another year with some success. I again had fun sharing thoughts and maintaining a habit of thinking and writing about culture, and the things going on around me.

Coming up in 2010: Of course more thoughts on film, from what to look forward to in cinemas in 2010 to reviews and critiques of 2009 movies and other greats from earlier years. Reflections on television shows, especially a series of entries on each season of Lost—along with a look at the new book “The Gospel According to Lost.” Further entries are coming taking us through 1 Corinthians and through 2 Corinthians, then more of either Paul or the Gospel of John. Other possible ideas include looks at important films in German Cinema.

Thanks for reading and keep visiting! Oh, and feel free to comment!

Here is some data about the blog’s performance for 2009:

Entries in 2009: 267 (Weekdays in 2009: 261)

Visits: 5,844 (Up from 1,901 in 2008)

Page Views: 7,851 from 2,547

Visits came from 1,321 cities on six continents.

Countries: 85

States: All 50 plus Washington D.C.

Top ten countries by viewers: USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, India, Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands

(Last year’s top ten: USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, France, Czech Republic)

Top ten states by viewers: Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, California, Virginia, Florida, New York, Washington, Mississippi, Illinois

(Last year’s top ten: Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida, California, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania)

Some of the most viewed entries in 2009:

A Textbook Example of Alarmist Fear

Various Devotional Entries (Mondays)

Life’s Wish

Initial Thoughts on Avatar

Fright Night Extended Review

Harry Potter Entries

Initial Thoughts on Stockholm Syndrome

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  1. I wouldn't miss this for the world! You're doing great!


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