Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 2009 Media Menace

In many ways, the 00s have been the decade of paranoia and hysteria and not completely without reason. We have seen some of the largest terror attacks against western civilization and have had great economic difficulties of late. Much of the problem, however, has come from an increasingly yellow mass media that is fighting for its life as it becomes increasingly unneeded in the age of information. 2009 was dominated by stories that were blown way out of proportion by the media, and often not out of a desire to merely increase ratings and revenue but out of an obvious political agenda. It seems most journalists don’t work out of a desire to disseminate information, but out of a desire to change the world. That is not a bad desire to have a person, but a terrible one for a reporter.

The Economy:
In 2008 before the election the economic story was terrible. We were doomed and only a change could save the world. Since January the story has sought to push any positive information that can be found…or invented. The reality hasn’t changed much at all. The economy is bad, but never was as bad as they set out to make it. It is also not improving at all.

Climate Change:
Even to this day it is almost impossible to find a single “mainstream” media outlet that will even acknowledge that there are serious doubts that human causes are responsible for the changes in the climate—and none that will let you know that those changes in the past decade have been COOLING and not warming. This year saw the exposure of the latest conspiracy within the UN, this time involving lies and manipulations of data in climate science… once again largely unreported.

This is where the hysteria really reached a climax. Everyday saw stories of the (incredibly small) “Swine Flu” death-tolls. Never once were the numbers reported side by side with regular flu death numbers. If they had been the story would have died. Most people know someone who got H1N1 or had it themselves. Most didn’t even go to the doctor to be sure about it though. It was that mild of an inconvenience.

Health Care:
The media has been working over time on this non-issue. The tagline seems to be “doing anything is better than doing nothing.” Where government is concerned just the opposite is true!

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