Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Not Funny Anymore

Not that it ever really was. Several months ago, Nonmodern addressed the loony Biblical misinterpretations of the likes of Steve Anderson and the rest of the “KJV Only” crowd. This is a group of people who teach that the only inspired Word of God is what is found in the King James Translation of the Bible. They are including the original Greek and Hebrew in that evaluation. In other words, they say that the original manuscripts of what became the Bible were just steps along the process God used to develop the true Bible—the KJV. Every other translation in the history of revelation is not inspired. Add to that the topics of Anderson’s preaching, like God wants men to only pee standing up, and you have the perfect ingredients for crazy cult mentality.

The problem is, these people also make all believers of Christ look silly by association. (Admittedly, only in the eyes of people who don’t think much—but that is most people these days, right?)

Now things have gotten worse. Mr. Anderson isn’t content to build up a small following and control them as the leader of a legalistic religious community. He wants a big name for himself. So he has picked a well-documented (and video taped) altercation with border patrol officers. Oh, and he is calling for the death of the president of the United States. It seems that the “KJV Only” crowd and the “God wants you carrying guns” crowd go hand in hand sometimes. Steven Anderson claims he doesn’t condone violence, but hatred and violence go hand in hand.

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