Thursday, September 10, 2009


A forty-year spread,
And yet so the same,
A man named Savior,
The other crooked by name.
Both preached the doctrines,
Perfected by Karl,
Both swept to office,
In spite of that snarl.

They took over the industry,
Provided free health care,
And three years in,
Their economy went nowhere.
Well, one of them did this,
The other is still at it,
And both were selected,
By masses wanting handouts.

“¡La Tencha nos decía que Allende no servía!”
“We didn’t do it. I mean we helped them.”
The end of a democracy and a constitution,
Was the culmination of the first Marxist experiment.

Promises, predictions,
An Oracle of hope.
They didn’t know what they wanted,
Just not what they had.
When a people cease to do for themselves,
But vote for those who promise to do for them,
That nation cannot stand for long.
“A Nation never falls but by suicide.”

Forty years later,
And the thought that can’t be helped is,
Maybe Obama,
Is America’s Allende.

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