Monday, June 8, 2009

Galatians 5:1-12 (Freedom and Slavery)

Christianity in the eyes of the world is a list of rules and regulations, a series of “Thou shall nots.” If nothing else, this is a clear sign that much of Christendom has missed the mark, turned its back on Biblical teaching and become simply another religion.

Biblical Christianity, however, is anything but a religion. Paul continues to stress here in chapter 5, that what Jesus did on the cross was give humanity a chance at freedom. Every single human being, from the time they are born, is a slave; slave to sin, slave to religion, or slave to faulty human reasoning. That being said, every human being is a slave with a choice. Ironically, that choice looks like a choice between self-assertion and remain in slavery or surrender and go free.

The problem is that many “Christians” have missed the Biblical teaching altogether. They think that Christianity is about praying a prayer and adopting a lifestyle defined by rules and doing everything just right enough to earn a ticket into heaven. This is a lie. The true path to a relationship with God is to simply trust Him and live in freedom.

“Wait!” You might say. “Christianity can’t be about doing whatever you want.” That is right in one sense, but legalism is not the answer to Biblical Christian behavior. Here again in Galatians 5 we see Paul’s model of Faith, Hope, and Love. Faith is trusting in God for salvation and to help us turn away from our selfish life of sin. Hope is trusting that God’s future and plan will see us through all the hard times and persecution we face in life. And Love is the governing force in the life of freedom. In all our relationships and interactions with people a Godly love, and not a list of rules, shows us the way to Christian behavior.


  1. "This is a lie. The true path to a relationship with God is to simply trust Him and live in freedom."

    jason, i am so loving these posts! i love how you put the truth so simply.

  2. Jason, I was at a "day of reflection" at my church this morning and this reading was our focus. I got so much out of it, and now reading what you have written, is also very true, beautifully and eloquently stated. Thank you!


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