Monday, June 15, 2009

Beware the God of Sabotage

There is a god of sabotage,
Pessim is his name.
He has the power to take all good things,
And ruin them in every way.
He is followed by all glass-half-empty people.
They are a sour bunch.
To them life is so dismal and glum,
They seldom come out before lunch.
If I were one of his unhappy religion,
My views would put a gun to my head,
But then, I suppose, I wouldn’t dare try it,
Sure enough I’d become a veggie instead.
I don’t see how some Christians agree with him,
‘Cause as far as I can tell,
They’d tend towards hyper-Calvinistic views,
Turn goats and wind up in Hell.
So I guess my warning to those reading these lines,
Is beware of Pessim and his ways.
If you don’t look for the positive in life,
You’ll be destined to bitter, sad days.

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