Monday, April 27, 2009

An Eerie Dream

400 Union Street.
It is not full of rattlesnakes
–like last time.
I go in through the patio.
Next to the freezer,
On the floor,
Is the largest beetle.
Dull—flat blue; bigger than my hand.
I pick it up, behind the head, clasping the outer wings.
It tries to flutter.
I am going to need a bigger kill-jar…

Inside, Mama is nervous.
Papa fascinated.
I look at the beetle again.
The head is missing.
In its place there is a plastic doll head.
It reminds me of days gone by, the barefoot mad science days. You could gently pull a grasshopper’s head out in such a way that the whole inner body would slip out leaving an empty exoskeleton. If the reverse could be achieved, then perhaps a toothpaste cap could be used to replace the skull…

Papa wants to see the wings.
I shift my grip and the wing coverings open.
Underneath, the beetle unfurls not wings,
But a piece of cloth for a patchwork quilt.
Mama won’t want that back…

I let the dog out.
Earie is dead.


  1. Seriously? That dream is hilarious. Especially the part about Mama not wanting the piece of cloth back.

  2. I'm laughing my head off!! I'm sure there's a hidden message in there somewhere, Jason!
    Would you like a milkshake?

  3. Yeah, sorry. I really did have this dream-vividly and just decided to put it down. Funny thing is, the last time I was set to travel by train I had other vivid dreams the night before. Weird.


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