Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home-made Christmas

For those people in your life who truly are special, for the kids in your life who really do enjoy the gift aspect of Christmas, nothing says I love you more than a home made gift that took time and effort to create. But how do you compete with all the sophisticated and expensive toys out there? (Ever noticed how the more complicated and detailed a toy is the less it encourages imagination and the less it is actually played with?) Keep it simple… the classics are truly the best toys.

But what if you are not particularly handy? Here is the answer to the best Christmas gift for a kid in you life. All you need is a computer with a printer, some card stock, and knowledge of your child’s interests.

Kids love joining clubs, and kids love collecting stuff, and kids love traditions. So create your very own fan club that you and your children can belong too! What are they into? Dinosaurs, books, comics? The Dietz kids are into Doctor Who. So we created the Dietz Doctor Who Fan Club. For Christmas last year they each got a box full of paper figures and each week for the following year they got a new figure every Friday. The characters were simply drawn, scanned into the computer, printed, cut and pasted together.

If you don’t draw, you can find pictures of whatever club you want to make online. If you want, make it a card collecting club instead of figures. It can be a neat way to introduce you child to further aspects of their interest. A card club of great books would be neat… pictures of the cover on one side and info typed on the back. It could serve as a checklist of classics the kid could look forward to reading.

The possibilities are endless; it is just a matter of doing the work.

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  1. I have been really impressed watching your kids this Christmas being SO excited when they saw their new "figures". This was a very neat idea you had, Jason.


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