Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year 2008

Well, 2008’s resolution to blog every weekday for NonModern was a success. I had fun sharing thoughts and maintaining a habit of thinking and writing about culture, and the things going on around me. The plan will be to continue next year, with some slight changes perhaps, due to the way the blog has developed and other writing projects for 2009.

Thanks for reading and keep visiting! Oh, and feel free to comment!

Here is some data about the blog’s performance based on information gathered since mid-April:

Entries in 2008: 264 (Weekdays in 2008): 262

Visits: 1886

Page Views: 2516 from 603 cities in six continents

Countries: 53

States: 42 plus Washington D.C.

Most Views by Country: USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, France, Czech Republic

Most Views by State: Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, Florida, California, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania

States that haven’t generated a hit yet: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, West Virginia, and Rhode Island

Most Viewed Entries:

Dracula and Vampires and Their Christian Themes

You Are Leaving the American Sector

Top Films: “I’m the Son of a Sea Cook!”

Top Films: Begrudgingly, Megs Rom-Coms

Top Films: Amadeus

True Community

Acts: Simon (8:9-24)


Acts: Peter’s Vison, Yes Another One (10:9-11:18)

Sports Dramas: Romcoms for Men

NonModern Rules

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Aliens, Religion, and Egypt

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