Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sinister Six

Take a look here to see a pretty amazing video. Stick with it. It starts out a little boring, and then it gets pretty incredibly sad… but stick with it. Part of what makes this clip s amazing is that it involves three of the top six most dangerous animals in Africa—all at one time. Here, in ascending order of danger, they are:
6. The Lion. King of the Jungle? More like slacker of the plains. He spends most of his time sleeping, but don’t let The Lion King fool you. These are not cute little animals, they’re killers. Every once in a while they get a taste for man and then a single cat can kill hundreds of people. That’ll make another entry someday.
5. The Crocodile. Crocs are dangerous because they are invisible and strike fast. Once they do, it is all over. Snap, tug, spin and drown.
4. Elephants. They are big, they are powerful, they are being driven to extinction, and they never forget. Sounds like a movie tag line. Apparently elephants have been known to attack villages to avenge killings.
3. Cape Buffalo. Ever doubt that a cow can be dangerous. Then you’ve never been chased by Bossy, and these buffalo are bigger stronger and meaner. Any doubts are erased by the video. Even lions are afraid of these guys.
2. Hippopotamus. More than just a fun word to spell, hippos are deadly. They look slow on land, but they aren’t. They will not hesitate to attack and, since they can remain submerged forever, you may never know they are there until it is too late.
1. The Mosquito. The number of people killed by Mosquitoes carrying malaria every day is in the thousands. Pesticides like DDT began to curb these deaths until they were shown to be… poison! Since they’re banning, Mosquitoes have resumed their deadly campaign across the tropics.

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