Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evangelical Indigestion

There is a reason why Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright should not be a direct factor in the election this year: he just used the church for some quick race cred. If anything, being a part of a church for political gain might be a problem, but not the hate that Wright is preaching. Like 90 percent of people in church every Sunday, Obama likely did a lot of daydreaming and little listening.

There is an even bigger reason this sort of religious affiliation should never enter the political sphere. Religious beliefs today are painted with much too large a brush. Just look at the current mindset on religion. All Muslims are hate filled killers, all Mormons have several wives, and all Scientologists… well never mind Scientology. The worst rap today is reserved for Evangelicals, and it is our own fault. Too many Evangelicals have traded in thinking, studying and knowing what they believe for simple follow the pack or the most successful preacher mentality. The worst part is that the more political an evangelical group gets, the dumber they get and the worse we all look. Boycott Disney, anyone?

If you have a tough stomach and want to see how the Evangelical world is being perceived by non-Evangelicals, try reading Matt Taibbi’s piece: “Jesus Made Me Puke.” It is a scary look at one group in the Evangelical Ghetto that is making all Christians look terrible by distorting anything true Christianity teaches and really coming off as a crazy cult. The problem is that a lot of “Christians” are just like the article describes, never thinking and just following the latest teacher.

The Bible warns Christians to be careful what they say and do and to test everything they are taught against Scripture. If the world is going to reject Christ, let them reject Him, not our screwed-up version of him.

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