Thursday, February 7, 2008

Throwing God Out with the Holy Water

It seems that behind every thoughtful atheist (there are plenty who have never really given it much thought) there is someone who is actually anti-religion. That is completely understandable. There is not a religion in the history of the world that has not turned out negative. They are just a series of manipulative, power-creating rules that attempt to force people to follow a few select leaders.

(How can this position be espoused by a self proclaimed Christian? Like many Evangelicals, it is the position of NonModern that the Bible promotes not another Religion created by people, but a relationship with the God of the universe. Too much of Christianity over its 2000 year history has abandoned the Bible’s teaching in favor of just another Religion bent on controlling people.)

Atheism, though, is hard to accept from any truly thoughtful person. How can anyone authoritatively suggest that there is no God and even refuse the possibility? The fact is that most Atheists reject Religion, and in the process go to far and toss God out as well. Richard Attenborough says of the various conflicting beliefs around the world: “They can’t all be right.” Therefore, his conclusion is that they are all wrong. That is a bit of a stretch of logic. Just because the Elephant described by the blind men was not a snake, a rope, or a tree did not mean the Elephant itself did not exist.

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