Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Global Warming: A Win-Win for Doomsayers

The best part of this control tactic is the way it is a win-win situation for the doomsayers. If the Whoever decided to use climate change to control the masses was a genius. In an “enlightened” age that has shut its eyes to the supernatural side of life, they have found a no-risk way to tell people how to live. They took an aspect of the natural world that is in constant change and convinced people that (a) this change spells disaster, and (b) they are causing the change. They have found the perfect recipe for controlling people’s lives.

The amazing thing is the brain dead way in which people have bought into the tactic. When it is warmer than usual—it’s because of Global Warming. When there is an unheard of cold snap—it’s because of Global Warming. When there are more hurricanes than usual—and yes, when there are fewer hurricanes than usual—yada-yada-yada.climate starts to cool down, then it was due to their efforts. If people give into their demands and things keep getting warmer, it was simply a case of too little too late.

What no one wants to talk about is the raw data used to back these claims. The benchmark for “normal” surface temperatures is the average between the years 1961 and 1990, just thirty years of data. Going back before that to the 1860s (the mere 100 years for which instrument readings are available) things were usually (but not always) cooler. Since 1990, temps have been higher. However, the world has been cooling ever so slightly since 1998 when the record for the hottest year occurred. (The year of the super-powerful El Niño.) Finally, human carbon emission levels do NOT track with these temperature ups and downs.

The world is warming, but don’t trust anyone that tells you you’re to blame.

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