Friday, January 11, 2008

NonModern Rules

This blog was created as an exercise and a way of maintaining a discipline. Also, it serves as an outlet for all of those ideas that pop into one’s head when walking, trying to sleep, or washing dishes. However, NonModern is not just another blog. There is a deliberate attempt to avoid certain “Blogisms.” There is also a philosophical basis for the whole thing that dictates a certain style.

On the discipline side, the goal is to try and write between 250 and 300 words on a subject every weekday. Subjects basically involve anything that is rattling around the brain here at NonModern. Repetitive subjects tend to be issues in popular culture and issues facing a cross-cultural witness in Europe. Pet subjects are science and art, especially film.

The main “Blogism” avoided here will be first person narration. Everyone uses this style (as an online diary would be expected to) but stylistically it tends toward a certain subjectivism. This will be hard to do, because this style comes easier and is my preferred style. (There I go.) However, while a non-first person presence is not a “better” style, it will be practiced in the sense of flexing a less used muscle.

That being said, there may be rare occasions in which first person narrative or self-referential examples are used. In the future, the format may change altogether, allowing for a more personal entry once a week.

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