Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stranger than Fiction

I enjoy conspiracy theories as an entertaining fiction. It is fun to imagine crazy realities, partly because such outlandish ideas are non-threatening in their unlikelihood. (Sort of how monster movies are fun but serial killer movies are too realistic to be simply entertaining.)

The best argument against every major conspiracy theory is their supposed secrecy. If the government had indeed staged the moon landings, for example, evidence would exist. There would be too many people involved for proof to not have been exposed. Instead, most conspiracy theories argue that a lack of proof is their best evidence. That is silly.

Take, for instance, the idea that aliens have visited our planet and that the government knows about it. This (silly but fun) theory tells us that every president, after they are sworn into office, are shown the proof of the alien threat. That theory would have us believe that there is an entire cabal of people who know about this “truth” and yet it has never gotten out.

If you believed that idea up until now, you would have to admit that it is officially hogwash. Trump would have been told about the aliens and it is not in him to keep such a secret to himself. If the aliens have come, the presidents are not hearing about it!

Trump himself has been the subject of a lot of outlandish ideas. He was just running to help Hillary. (That was wrong!) He didn’t really want the job, and was just in it to win and would turn the actual governing over to underlings. (Also, sadly, a thought that ended up not playing out.)

Instead, reality is proving to be stranger than fiction. Every day that goes by we experience a man who, through incompetence, ignorance, or delusional thinking, digs deeper and deeper into crazy scenarios. No self-respecting conspiracy theorist would try to float the things that have actually happened!

Our conspiracy minded friends are likely all a tizzy with ideas of what will come next. If there is a powerful Illuminati behind the scenes controlling everything it won’t allow such incompetence and ignorance to continue. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there isn’t.

If it weren’t so consequential, it would be entertaining. Oh, who are we kidding? It is entertaining! Isn’t that what we want now? This is what you get when a culture decides that reality TV is preferred over intelligent, character-driven, plot-with-a-message stories. Who wants a smart, beneficial-for-the-people, government when you can have a narcissistic, paranoid-delusional, center-of-the-universe, teen-ager running things?

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