Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Anyone for Space?

Out there the elbow room is vast
The only way to travel is fast
Better pack a light suitcase
There won’t much room on the base

We’ll take off with a wicked blast
On a ship with a superior class
In days we’ll cross the moon’s dark face
And then head out into open space

Less light than dark, a huge contrast
Years later still see Jupiter overcast
Pushing further we’ll lose all trace
Of home, family, the human race

Eventual emptiness will be aghast
It isn’t the promise of scifi enthusiasts
For sheer loneliness we’ll have to brace
That is if life support doesn’t break

And in the end we’ll turn and see
The Earth is smaller than a gleam
Why’d we ever think it’d be fun
To embrace agoraphobia?

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