Thursday, June 23, 2016


As I write this today Great Britain is voting to decide whether they will stay in the EU or not. People on both sides of the issue are preaching doom and gloom for the future unless they have their way. It is a fascinating example of the current cultural climate across the world today.

No matter the outcome of today’s vote, the world will go on tomorrow. What’s more, God will still be in control. The results will not be a surprise to Him. His plans will go on without challenge, without hindrance. So fear is not something anyone who believes should entertain.

But fear is exactly the issue here, and across the world. The rise in popularity of ultra-nationalistic, isolationist parties—what many point out can be classified as neo-fascist ideology—is a trend not isolated to Great Britain or the US. Analysts and experts have been documenting the rise of neo-fascist trends all across Europe.

The basic argument says that the answers to all our problems is to hunker down and stop relating to the rest of the world. And a common factor in these positions is to demonize the outsider. Refugees and immigrants are to be feared because they are evil, mostly because they come from other races. People like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Lutz Bachman have capitalized on this fear mongering.

I could be wrong, but I am not ready to believe that things have gone so far. I choose to hope that we can learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it. I don’t see Brexit passing. I can’t fathom people choosing to follow the guts of demagogues and racists over the data and analysis of people with facts and reality on their side.

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