Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Creed" (2015)

Carrying on the 2015 trend of the “Requel” (i.e. not a straight sequel, but also not a reboot, yet somehow follows the original plot beat-by-beat. See “Jurassic World”, “Force Awakens”, and whatever Terminator film they made last year.) Creed is less Rocky 7 and more of that original film made again.

I found myself wondering as things went along, if they would have Creed win the final fight, or lose it with respect won as Rocky did.

By the time we got to that last fight, all I cared about was that Creed really needed to do something about that nasty damage to his face! Wow.

Lesson of both films: I will prove the whole world sort of right about my chances, but win respect by showing just how bad of a beating I can take. Boxers be crazy.

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