Friday, January 29, 2016

The Short Take on the Pitches

“Pitch Perfect” was a fun film a couple years ago. It had a story, it had character development, and it had clever, well-crafted remixes. The music was what made the film. It was where the re-watch-ability lay. I even considered buying the soundtrack. Considered.

The sequel, however, goes the way that the first film should have gone had it not overachieved where music is concerned. Here, we don’t have story. We don’t get development. And the songs are not thought out. Instead we get a string of non-sequiturs that are supposed to stand in for humor. We get montages of song clips that can fill out a soundtrack (or two) but aren’t interesting or developed. And, we get more crass, less class.

And a flashlight is not an elegant metaphore.

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