Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doctor Who 9.9 "Sleep No More"

This latest, stand-alone episode of Doctor Who was fun, experimental, and a bit mind boggling. Right from the start things indicate that the viewer be on guard: no title sequence, captured footage, the narrator telling us not to watch. That last bit felt a whole lot like reverse psychology.

Had I been the BBC programmer I might have had this episode air two weeks ago for Halloween. It is just a spooky, campfire story after all. Put this one together with the likes of “Blink” “Midnight” and maybe “Love and Monsters.” Not based on shared quality, but rather for the outside-the-box thinking that helps keep things fresh.

(The images I have been attaching to the reviews of the Twelfth Doctor stories have been posters the BBC has been using by designer Stuart Manning. I like his retro designs. Check him out at his facebook page.)

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