Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Top Fifth Doctor Stories

Peter Davidson was not a bad Doctor, but for some reason the stories he was given are never amongst my favorites. He had a total of 20, and here are the five I like the best:

5. The Five Doctors 

The first of what are now pretty common, the special episode. Filmed for the anniversary of the show, they really only managed to have four incarnations appear. (And only three were played by the original actors.)

4. The Visitation

A fun medieval story involving better than average monster designs.

3. Black Orchid

A two-parter, so not at all padded out as so many four or six-parters often were. A classic, cozy mystery, with intrigue, murder, and fancy dress.

2. Earthshock 

A surprise return of a classic monster and very high stakes for a companion.

1. The Caves of Adrozani 

One of the best stories of the whole show, and one of the more meaningful regeneration stories of the classic run.

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  1. I am really very fond of Peter Davison as 5th Doctor.


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