Sunday, July 12, 2015

A 2 Peter Outline

I. Greeting 1:1-2
II. The Challenge of an Effective Life in Grace 1:3-11
III. Apostolic Teaching and God’s Word as the foundation.
  A. Apostolic Authority 1:12-15
  B. Eyewitness Testimony 1:16-18
  C. Scriptural Inspiration 1:19-21
IV. False Teaching and Slavery to Sin as the Enemy
  A. False Teachers Inevitable 2:1-3
  B. Historic Examples 2:4-10a
  C. False Teachers Described 2:10b-22
V. The Reminder of the End and a Call to Diligence
  A. Mockers Misunderstand 3:1-7
  B. God is Patient 3:8-10
  C. A Warning against Lawlessness 3:11-18a
VI. Conclusion 3:18b

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