Sunday, May 24, 2015

Moses and God's Call

The story of Moses’ call is another favorite. We all love the burning bush and the miracles. What we wouldn’t give to hear God audibly call us to action. And if only He would be as detailed in His instructions as He was to Moses!

But here again we see similar things to what will come later in Jeremiah’s call.

This is God’s plan. He is going to do what He has determined. Moses can argue all he wants, but he might as well tell the sun to stop moving. (God can and will do that, but we are pretty funny in our self-determination.)

Once again, Moses’ task is to speak. God lists off a whole slew of things He is going to do, all Moses has to do is talk.

And, Moses is scared. We find it hard to believe that Moses would hesitate to do such a simple task (talk) in light of everything he has seen. God has spoken. The bush is burning. Moses has been supplied with supernatural powers. He picked a serpent up by the tail! Why doesn’t he trust and obey.

Well, the truth is that we claim to have faith. We believe that the story in Exodus is true. We have the full, detailed account of God’s action in history and His plan for mankind. We have the cross. All we are asked to do is talk. And we give the same lame excuses as Moses.

God, I can’t speak. I don’t understand enough about what I have experienced to verbalize it. I can’t risk offending people. I want to be liked.

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