Friday, February 27, 2015

Brief Thoughts on "Fury" (2014)

“Fury” was, in spite of brilliant cinematography, editing and acting, a bit of a disappointment. In a film that aims to show the terrible reality of war—the inhumanity, the horror, the evil all around—“Fury” seems to have gone a step or two too far. What one is left with is so much horror and hatred that any message is overwhelmed.

It does manage to avoid the hero worship aspect of some war films. Pitt’s character “Wardaddy” in particular is an example of the tension within a man trying to lead men to do their duty and survive while visibly struggling with the monster he has become. Other men under his command have lost that struggle and come across as no better than the Nazis they are killing.

Shia LaBeouf made news claiming this film led to his conversion. One wondered if it was merely his “method acting” and whether it would last, but seeing the film one wonders where the epiphany even came from. The character is a cartoon of a Christian.  Not a terrible one, but not fleshed out much either.

If you are looking for inspirational hero material, this is not your film. On the other hand, if you can handle a realistic messy look at men killing each other, this is a very well done film and the message is tucked in under all the carnage and inhumanity. It tries too hard though, and there are other examples of balanced, honest looks at WWII.

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