Sunday, December 28, 2014

A look ahead to 2015 on NonModern

Just a quick look into the plans here at NonModern for 2015, as I sit with a strong head-cold and not much desire to think.

2014, the 8th year of this blog will be reviewed in a couple days, but it is noteworthy that a conscious intention to blog less really took hold. The seven year itch was strong. We’ll see if we make 200 posts for the year. Next year I think I will shoot for a more intentional, 5 day a week schedule as originally intended. Contrary to what I would think, that discipline really makes me more productive in other areas of life.

On a Star Trek front, I intend to hit both TOS and Voyager this year, alternating series. DS9 devolved into a much longer process than anticipated. Hopefully I will be able to maintain a schedule. Other TV shows will also be looked at in the off weeks.

I would like to continue to post poetry, but it remains to be seen if I can spur those creative impulses and be disciplined about it as well.

As Mark is almost wrapped up, I look to start the year commenting on the Petrine Epistles. Where I go from there will be up in the air for now, but it will likely be more NT. I am very tempted to do a commentary series on Genesis, however. Maybe both will happen.

As always, I will continue to look at cultural stories, more films than novels, and consider them from my faith-based worldview.

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