Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Shake It Off"

Not a fan, but more of an appreciator. That is how I would describe my attitude towards Taylor Swift. In her early days, I really liked her fresh, insightful look at life that ran contrary to the usual teen-girl-silly-ness. And her current shift to pop is not a big leap. It isn’t as if country—especially female country—has been anything other than pop for years.

But you have to admit, the little gossipy “news” you hear about her now and then paints a different picture from the insight her lyrics delivered on her first couple of albums. And “Red” seemed to reinforce things. Then, “1989” began to slip into public consciousness and “Shake It Off” became an instant success.

The music is catchy, but almost too sugary. And that break-down near the end is almost unlistenable. BUT, then you watch the video…

That is what won me over. The playful way she makes fun of herself and the public persona that has developed around her. The way she is able to look silly trying to dance with all those gifted professionals, but come off as having fun and not taking things seriously. And the end where the message of the song is embodied in people of all stripes simply relishing the fun of not caring what anyone thinks.

It is another great song for Swifts audience of teens and young adults.

(Enjoy the original "Shake It Off" below:)

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