Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Monuments Men" (2014)

When I saw the preview for “Monuments Men” I thought it a promising premise for a movie. I liked the “Ocean’s” remake and its sequels. I like WWII films. I like the idea of Art and cultural heritage and the meaning it has for humanity. When I saw the film, however, I would have to say I was sorely disappointed.

The whole film feels more like a series of vignettes than a cohesive story. Each scene is written and acted like a super serious, overly preachy, film school project. You begin to recognize the rhythm to which the film is marching, and pretty quickly you begin to anticipate the clichéd way that each piece is going to over reach in an effort to tug at the heart strings. This film aspires to be a piece of art similar to the works it is dedicated, but it is too schlocky and formulaic to really work.

It is a shame really, because the ideas the film is riffing on are good ones. Art represents our culture and the ideas and thoughts we have entertained in a way that does make it a treasure. But, how many human lives is any painting or sculpture really worth in the end?

No one need risk their life for “Monuments Men” at any rate.

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