Wednesday, June 18, 2014


(Poetry Scales 12)

Do you recall a hubbub
A colossal brouhaha
Such a strange cacophonous
Scary squall, a real hoo-ha?
Such incredible racket
And repercussive bluster
With weird tizzynatious
Terrible helter-skelter?

Sorry for the commotion
I don’t intend to blather
It’s my fault there’s an uproar
I didn’t mean a bother.
Before we see a turmoil
I’ll fend off any ruckus
And avoid any furor
By explaining such rumpus

The unintended turmoil
Came from my new invention
All that noise, that ballyhoo
Was not my real intention.
My gift to humanity
With atomic powered flush
The Super-Powered Potty II
Didn’t really work so much.

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