Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mark Outline Part 3 (11-13)

B. Jesus Confronts Jerusalem & the Religious Elite: (Mark 11-13) 
     1. The Triumphal Entry of the King     11:1-11 
     2. The Temple Cleansing Cursing the Barren Fig Tree     11:12-14 
               Cleaning the Barren Temple     11:15-18 
               Results of the Curse/ True Religion     11:19-26 
               Questioning Messianic Authority     11:27-33
     3. The Parable of the Vineyard     12:1-12
     4. The Testing of Jesus by the Religious Elite
               Taxes     12:13-17 
               Marriage     12:18-27
               Law     12:28-34 
     5. Jesus Teaching in the Temple
               The Divinity of the Messiah     12:35-37 
               Beware the Religious Professionals!     12:38-40 
               True Giving     12:41-44 
     6. Jesus’ Teaching about the End     13:1-37

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