Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Do You Share?

A friend of mine posted a video on facebook today. It was a homemade trailer for “The Sound of Music” designed to make it look like a horror film. This is nothing new. I have seen versions made from “Mary Poppins” and “Back to the Future” among other films. They have even taken real horror films and “trailered” them as comedies. My friend accompanied her posting of the video with the comment, “the dangers of taking things out of context!”

Of course, that is the point of the trailer. This is hardly a case of someone mistaking a musical for a scary story. They are playing with conventions. It is amazing how much editing techniques and musical cues determine how we absorb information. Many a horror film has taken a story or situation that is not at all scary or disturbing and convinced us that we should be scared. (“Paranormal Activity,” I’m looking at you!) What this film illustrates for me is the importance of story-telling. How we communicate our stories is extremely important.

In my case, as a follower of Jesus, the most important thing I do in life is tell stories, my story with Jesus and His story for the world. If I tell it well, I communicate the most important, life changing truth anyone will ever hear. If I tell it poorly I run the risk of communicating an altogether different message. If I reduce the Gospel story to a rehearsed sales pitch, or a dry sermon with three points and a poem, I am most likely not communicating in a way that speaks.

How do you share?

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