Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue Bloods (Season 2)

Season Two of “Blue Bloods” continued the excellent character development and story structure seen in the first season. Something that developed even more over the course of this season was the faith aspect. Both religious issues and the idea of faith and spirituality were dealt with head on. Specifically, the episodes “Black and Blue” and “Leap of Faith” stood out in this regard.

“Black and Blue” tells the story of the NYPD confronting a church, and not just any church, but one run by a politically motivated, self-promoting, black preacher. The episode is not afraid to present both sides of the issue in a compelling way. What is most surprising perhaps is the way the story is concluded. Reverend Potter is then brought back later in the season, not as a returning villain, but as a person Frank has to deal with. Religion in “Blue Bloods” is shown as the complex, cultural political institution that it is.

However, the more spiritual side of religion—faith—is also dealt with in “Leap of Faith.” Here, belief is not an issue to be explained or even simply tolerated. In this story we have inexplicable circumstances brought to bear in a mystery that Danny is investigating. It is done in an undeniable, yet realistic manner. Is Danny’s witness really in contact with God? Ultimately it is a matter of faith, but Danny’s helps him deal with the uncertainties.

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