Thursday, June 27, 2013

Danger: The Proverbial Miscalculations of Social Media!

More often than people like to admit, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is an approach that leads to trouble. At the very least it is an uncomfortable policy. Normally, it unites us with people we don’t normally like in order to face an even greater threat from a third, commonly feared party. For instance, we “befriended” a monster in Stalin to defeat the monster of Hitler. It was a less than desirable situation, but we did it and then we set about dealing with the (what seemed at the time to be) lesser evil.

However, an even stupider application of this proverb would go as follows:

You dislike a biased media that trends toward worldviews with which you do not agree.

Said biased media exposes someone as having a worldview that is just as distasteful as liberal public policy, or worse... like racism.

You publicly express support for the racist, aligning yourself with their repugnant views.

Regardless of whether you believe the exposé (and the accused has admitted it is accurate) in public forums and therefor public opinion, you have embraced their evil. In rushing to the aid of the enemy of your enemy, you have “cut of your nose to spite your face.”

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