Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Extraordinary Purpose

There is an inspirational ad running during the games this year. In it we hear several athletes—the best people in the world at what they do—talk about the dedication that their purpose requires of them. It is impressive the sacrifices and commitments they make, all for a two week moment in their lives. Actually, in many cases it is all aimed at a matter of minutes.

How much should we dedicate to the extraordinary purpose for which we each have been created? If you are a follower of Jesus, you believe that your life—your whole life and not just a moment—is a part of God’s plan. You have a purpose.

For those who have been called to a life of cross-cultural impact, there is a lot of sacrifice and dedication required. We know that the best communication is done with the least amount of cultural gap. The heart language is the means that a person’s soul is touched. We often have to “burn the ships” and lines of communication backwards in order to take the cultural steps forward into our new home. Like that guy who hadn’t seen TV in a year; it’s a reality for those wanting to learn a new language. Say goodbye to English communication altogether until the new language is acquired. At least it is a skill that will serve a lifetime.

However, it is not just cross-cultural ministers that benefit from discipline and commitment. Everyone has a purpose that is best fulfilled when we work to give it our best. You don’t become the best in the world without training, and you should become the best at what you were created to be.

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