Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spiritual Warfare: Diversionary Tactics

When Jesus left the church on earth as His representative, He gave them a clear directive to follow. If you think about it, for a teaching coming from Jesus, it was surprisingly clear and unambiguous. Make Disciples. Teach them what I taught.

So why is it so hard for the church to keep the number one job in the number one spot. In military terms, it seems like we have been fooled by a bunch of diversionary tactics.

So many churches and Christians today are obsessed with all sorts of trivial matters that should not concern us in light of the tremendous job we face.

Lately the biggest seems to be this whole trend toward bringing God’s plans to fruition through prayer and praise. The idea is that God cannot (yes, that is what they teach) accomplish His plans for the world until the church prepares the way.

In fact, this whole concern with the “last days” and the perceived need to understand all that the Bible has to say about the second coming and how today’s events relate to that teaching is a big diversion. After 2000 years you would think that people would realize everyone who starts their sentence with: “We are living in the end times…” or something similar has been 100% wrong every time. Jesus Himself said that no one, not even He knew when that time would be.

Let’s knock this whole distraction down right now. You need to know exactly two things about the end times:

God wins with all His plans going exactly as He wants when He wants.

Our task until that happens is to be doing what He told us to, spreading the message of His love.

Everything else is just static.

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  1. I like to use the quote "Read the end...He wins" about the bible and the last days. So, by and large I agree with you, we have forgotten that we are to be out and sharing God's love and message with a lost and dying world. However, I think it is also valuable to be aware of the signs of the last days, and I beleive that we are told to wathc and be aware. But, I do not think that this needs to become a main focus for the church. I agree that we must be about doing what He told us to. It's interesting to point out that even Paul thought he was living in the last days, and to see the shift in his early to later writings from a message that God is coming expiediently, to God is coming soon.
    I love the title you gave this ont though...Diversionary just like the enemy to divert our attention away form being the church...he doesn't care if you go to church, as long as you don't carry the message outside the church doors.


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