Friday, January 1, 2010

Films To See in 2010 Part 1 Winter

2009 ended up being a good year for film. There were a lot of anticipated movies and a lot of surprises. Genre film had a lot to be proud of, and some of the movies actually had something to say. 2010 looks like it could be a good cinematic year as well. Here are NonModern’s ten most anticipated films for the first three months of 2010:

Vampire films have great potential. The genre is used more than others to deliver subtle commentary about the world in which they are made. However, they also have the biggest potential to be absolute dreck as well. This one looks like it will have a lot to say, only time will tell…

The Book of Eli
The Hughes brothers last gave us one of the most moody, well made comic book adaptations to film in “From Hell.” It was also one of the most bloody, disturbing films in years. This time around they look to the post-apocalyptic genre, and it seems they have injected a highly religious plot as well. Denzel Washington can usually be counted on to give a great performance.

Legion (and Priest)
Scott Stuart has been tapped to direct two films this year that have a lot of potential but that so far look like they will probably end up being mindless action-horror pieces. The potential is still there, however, so we’ll keep our eye on the buzz around these two. Legion concerns an angel defecting to earth to protect humanity against the armies of heaven bent on destruction. Priest (set for August) is about the titular character going against church orders to hunt down a vampire who has kidnapped his niece.

Edge of Darkness
Say what you will about Mel Gibson, he is always engaging on screen. In this intriguing action film we get Martin Campbell (of Casino Royale) directing. That should add up to greatness, but will it?

From Paris with Love
High octane spy action, Paris, an ordinary man forced into spy work, all with a bald, goatee sporting Travolta at his craziest.

The Wolfman
We’ve been waiting on this remake since last year. The story has great potential for meaning—if they keep that in this big-budget remake.

Shutter Island
Why did they delay this film from last year when it was supposed to be released for the award season? The story looks engaging.

Alice in Wonderland
This is one of those films that “Burton was born to direct.” Hopefully it doesn’t just end up a beautiful but meaningless story. We have been let down by Burton before. Remember Planet of the Apes and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Green Zone
Take the director of the last two Bourne films, add in the writer of L.A. Confidential, tack on Matt Damon, and you have the potential for greatness. Have your story take place in Baghdad during the Iraq war and it could be disastrous. Which film is this one going to be?

Season of the Witch (and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)
Nicolas Cage never lets us down. He is crazy and of late has something weird going on with his hairdo, but he is always entertaining. This year we are treated to two performances from him that both have the potential to do more than just entertain. Will they?

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