Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 Corinthians 7:1-40 (Missional Marriage)

Here Paul begins to answer questions put to him by the church, and here we see a clear way that Paul’s writings are Missional textbooks. How do we apply scriptural truth to instances the Church faces in cultures and times the Biblical writers never faced?

What do a bunch of people do who’ve suddenly become Christians and formed a church? Some are single. Some are married. Some have spouses who do not believe.

Paul’s approach is to first make the Biblical teaching on marriage clear to the church. God created marriage. It is not wrong. Marriage is for life and divorce is wrong. He then also expands the teaching by applying truth to their situation. People should remain in the state they are when they are saved. If married, they should stay married if their spouse will consent to stay. If single, then stay single. Paul points out that being single is a tremendous advantage for Missional, kingdom living. A single person can devote all of their energy to advancing the Kingdom of God. However, since singleness is not for everyone and marriage is a good thing too, it is all right to marry as a Christian.

As to people becoming Christians with unchristian spouses? The kingdom is expanded through relationships. Perhaps the influence of the Christian spouse will help the unsaved person see the light… the same way a lot of children of Christians become Christian.

In the end, everything is about spreading the Gospel.

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