Monday, February 23, 2009

2 Thessalonians 3:1-15 (Doctrine Matters)

Verse 6 of chapter 3 must make a lot of people and churches today uncomfortable. If anyone has ever noticed it, that is. First of all it places a high value on doctrine. People don’t like doctrine. They find it too dry. They find it too boring. It feels better to just follow the heart. To “hear” from God what should be done. Sorry. Doctrine is important. Everything we discover or learn from God either comes through Scripture or must be confirmed by Scripture. Doctrine is important. The argument can be made that it is most important, for everything in the Christian life is about belief, and what you believe matters.

If that is not bad enough, verses six and fourteen command believers to not associate with those that do not hold to the teaching of the apostle. In this case, it is not just Doctrine in general that is important, but the specific teaching could ruffle some feathers. Do not associate with believers who do not maintain an orderly life. Read: work. We really need to take care, as churches, in the way we minister and provide charity. Charity is not bad, but far too many churches do the feel good charity and don’t put in the tremendous effort required to do it right.

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